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2017Investigating education, migration and development - moving triangles in the PacificGamlen, A.; Murray, W.; Overton, J.
2017Water shortage and inequality in Minqin Oasis of northwest China: Adaptive policies and farmers’ perceptionsTan, Y.; Liu, X.
2017Impacts of land use changes on net ecosystem production in the Taihu Lake Basin of China from 1985 to 2010Xu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Tang, X.; Jiang, H.; Sun, X.; Zhuang, Q.; Li, H.
2017Management of acute traumatic intracranial haematoma in rural and remote areas of AustraliaGilligan, J.; Reilly, P.; Pearce, A.; Taylor, D.
2016Introduction: Human mobility, climate adaptation, and developmentGioli, G.; Hugo, G.; Costa, M.; Scheffran, J.
2016Moving inkblots: interpreting images of immigrationGamlen, A.
2016Teaching migration studies: a new seriesDélano, A.; Gamlen, A.
2016Geographic access and spatial clustering of section 90 pharmacies - 1990 to 2014: an exploratory analysisLange, J.B.; Franzon, J.; Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Health
2016Diaspora studies: Robin’s impact on meGamlen, A.
2016Re-thinking immigrant investment fundsGamlen, A.; Kutarna, C.; Monk, A.
2016Re-thinking immigrant investment fundsGamlen, A.; Kutarna, C.; Monk, A.
2016Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems: technical tools for social innovationTaylor, D.; Lange, J.
2015The Sri Lankan population in AustraliaHugo, G.
2015'An inborn restlessness': migration and exile in a turbulent worldGamlen, A.
2015Boats, borders and ballot boxes: asylum seekers on Australia's northern shoreHugo, G.; Napitupulu, C.
2015The impacts of extra-territorial voting: swings, interregnums and feedback effects in New Zealand elections from 1914 to 2011Gamlen, A.
2015祖籍国与离散族裔的关系_比较与理论的视角_亚历山大_德拉诺 = Comparing and Theorizing State-Diaspora RelationsDélano, A.; Gamlen, A.; Falong, L.
2015Neighbourhood environment and depressive symptoms: mediating role of stress and sense of communityPaquet, C.; Howard, N.; Coffee, N.; Hugo, G.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Daniel, M.; 36th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions, Society of Behavioral Medicine (22 Apr 2015 - 25 Apr 2015 : San Antonio, Texas)
2015Explaining the rise of diaspora institutionsGamlen, A.; Jacoby, E.; The Impact of Diasporas (17 Sep 2015 : London, UK)
2015The rise of diaspora institutionsGamlen, A.J.