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2003AustraliaHugo, G.
1995Australia and International Treaties : PopulationHugo, G.
2002Australia's changing non-metropolitan populationHugo, G.
2011Australia's changing population and the futureHugo, G.
2003Australia's future population: Where will they live?Hugo, G.; National Population Summit (2002 : Melbourne)
2004Australia's most recent immigrants: 2001Hugo, G.
1995Australia's population and the global linksIredale, R.; Hugo, G.
1996Australia's population and the global links: a report on the Third National Immigration and Population Outlook Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 22-24 February 1995Iredale, R.; Hugo, G.
2008Australia's state-specific and regional migration scheme: An assessment of its impacts in South AustraliaHugo, G.
2004Australia: The continent of immigrantsHugo, G.
2013The Australian baby boomer population-factors influencing changes to health-related quality of life over timeBuckley, J.; Tucker, G.; Hugo, G.; Wittert, G.; Adams, R.; Wilson, D.
2006Australian demographic change and its implications for SydneyHugo, G.
2006An Australian diaspora?Hugo, G.
2006Australian experience in skilled migrationHugo, G.
2002Australian immigration policy: The significance of the events of September 11Hugo, G.
2006Australian intrastate migration - the story of age pensionersMarshall, N.; Murphy, P.; Burnley, I.; Hugo, G.
2013Australian population futuresHugo, G.
2009Australians and Britain in 2001: a demographic perspectiveHugo, G.
2005Australians on the Move: Trends and emerging issuesHugo, G.
2012Australia’s new and emerging communities: A demographic perspectiveHugo, G.; MidiCities Conference (2012 : Logan Central, Queensland)