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2012Migration and development in low-income countries: a role for destination policy?Hugo, G.
2011Migration and development in Malaysia: An emigration perspectiveHugo, G.
2003Migration and Development: A Perspective from AsiaHugo, G.
2012Migration and environmental change in AsiaHugo, G.
2008Migration and healthHugo, G.
1998Migration and Mobilization in Asia: An OverviewHugo, G.
2000Migration and women's empowermentHugo, G.
2006Migration between Africa and Australia: Patterns, issues and implicationsHugo, G.; African Migration Alliance Workshop (01 Mar 2005 : South Africa)
1995Migration Between Australia and Britain : Past and PresentHugo, G.
2008Migration in Indonesia: Recent trends and implicationsHugo, G.
2002Migration Policies Designed to Facilitate the Recruitment of Skilled Workers in AustraliaHugo, G.
2005Migration Policies in Australia and their Impact on Development in Countries of OriginHugo, G.; UNFPA expert group meeting : International migration and the millennium development goals : selected papers (2005 : Marrakech, Morocco)
2013Migration studies: taking stock of a new startGamlen, A.
2009Migration, labour mobility and povertyHugo, G.
2001Migration, urbanization and development: New directions and issues.Hugo, G.
2008Migration, Urbanization and the spread of sexually Transmitted Diseases: Empirical and theoretical Observations in China and IndonesiaSmith, C.; Hugo, G.
2012Mixing methods in research on diaspora policiesGamlen, A.
2000Modeling the propagation of land clearance using cellular automata and the implications for nature conservationBryan, Brett Anthony
2016Moving inkblots: interpreting images of immigrationGamlen, A.
2012A multi sited approach to analysis of destination immigration data: An Asia-Pacific exampleHugo, G.