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2009Circular migration and development: an Asia-Pacific perspectiveHugo, G.
1998Civilization's Wake: Ecology, Economics and the Roots of Environmental Destruction and NeglectSmith, J.; Sauer-Thompson, G.
2012Climate change and migration: Some lessons from existing knowledge of migration in Southeast AsiaHugo, G.; Climate Change, Migration and Human Security Meeting (2011 : Singapore)
2010Climate change-induced mobility and the existing migration regime in Asia and the PacificHugo, G.
2014Cohort profile: The men androgen inflammation lifestyle environment and stress (MAILES) studyGrant, J.; Martin, S.; Taylor, A.; Wilson, D.; Araujo, A.; Adams, R.; Jenkins, A.; Milne, R.; Hugo, G.; Atlantis, E.; Wittert, G.
2011Communicating effectively about migrationHugo, G.; Aghazarm, C.; Appave, G.
2014Comparing and theorizing state-diaspora relationsDélano, A.; Gamlen, A.
2015Comparing and theorizing state-diaspora relationsDelano, A.; Gamlen, A.J.
2003Compensation for land loss in reservoir resettlement: a case study of the Three Gorges Project, ChinaWang, Y.; Tan, Y.
2003Conclusions and RecommendationsHugo, G.; Champion, A.
2004Contemporary global population changeHugo, G.
2007Contextualising the 'Crisis in Aged Care' in Australia: A demographic perspectiveHugo, G.
2013Contraception and abortion in a low-fertility setting: the role of seasonal migrationSevoyan, A.; Agadjanian, V.
1995Contraception is the best contraceptiveHugo, G.
1996CounterurbanisationHugo, G.
2013Creating and destroying diaspora strategies: New Zealand’s emigration policies re-examinedGamlen, A.
2013Creative destruction in the New Zealand 'diaspora strategy'Gamlen, A.
2000The crisis and international population movement in IndonesiaHugo, G.
2001A critical review of rural medical workforce retention in AustraliaHumphreys, J.; Jones, J.; Jones, M.; Hugo, G.; Bamford, E.; Taylor, D.
2002Cross-national comparison of internal migration: issues and measuresBell, M.; Blake, M.; Boyle, P.; Duke-Williams, O.; Rees, P.; Stillwell, J.; Hugo, G.