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2005Academia's own demographic time-bombHugo, G.
1999Accessibility to general practitioners in rural South Australia. A case study using geographic information system technologyBamford, E.; Dunne, L.; Taylor, D.; Symon, B.; Hugo, G.; Wilkinson, D.
2001Addressing social and community planning issues with spatial informationHugo, G.
1998Adelaide turns back in on itselfBadcock, Blair A.
2006Ageing owners and the significance of family business closures - towards a better understanding of the likely impact of family business closures in AustraliaSpoehr, J.
1998All toba tephra occurrences across peninsular India belong to the 75,000 yr B.P. eruptionWestgate, John A.; Shane, Philip A. R.; Pearce, Nicholas J. G.; Perkins, William T.; Korisettar, Ravi; Chesner, Craig A.; Williams, Martin Anthony J.; Acharyya, Subhrangsu K.
2008Are baby boomers booming too much? An epidemiological description of overweight and obese baby boomersHugo, G.; Taylor, A.; DalGrande, E.
2003Area-level and dwelling-level applications of Geographic Information Systems to the measurement of walkabilityCoffee, N.; Leslie, E.; Owen, N.; Bauman, A.; Hugo, G.; National Physical Activity Conference ( 2003 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
1997Asia and the Pacific on the move: workers and refugees, a challenge to nation statesHugo, G.
1996Asia on the move: research challenges for population geographyHugo, G.
2006The Asia-Pacific RegionHugo, G.
2005Asian experiences with remittancesHugo, G.
2003Asian migration to Australia: Changing trends and implicationsHugo, G.
2012Associations between resident perceptions of the local residential environment and metabolic syndromeBaldock, K.; Paquet, C.; Howard, N.; Coffee, N.; Hugo, G.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Daniel, M.
1996Atlas of the Australian people - 1991 Census: Western AustraliaHugo, G.
1995Atlas of the Australian People 1991, National OverviewHugo, G.; Maher, C.
2006Attracting skilled migrants to regional areas: What does it take?Hugo, G.; Khoo, S.; McDonald, P.
2003AustraliaHugo, G.
1995Australia and International Treaties : PopulationHugo, G.
2002Australia's changing non-metropolitan populationHugo, G.