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2016Geographic access and spatial clustering of section 90 pharmacies - 1990 to 2014: an exploratory analysisLange, J.B.; Franzon, J.; Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Health
2003Geographic information systemsHugo, G.
2003Geographic information systems and optimisation algorithms to assist in the design of Marine Protected Areas: a case study of the Encounter Region, South AustraliaGerner, D. B. K.; Bryan, Brett Anthony; Spatial Sciences 2003 (22 September 2003 : National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia)
2004Geography and environmental studies at the University of Adelaide since 1990Hugo, G.
2011Geography and population in Australia: A historical perspectiveHugo, G.
2009The geography of melanoma in South AustraliaHeard, A.; Coventry, B.; Milanowski, B.; Taylor, D.
2003The Gilbert Valley, South AustraliaSmailes, P.; Hugo, G.
2003GIS and Remote Sensing techniques for the assembly of a database characterising the spatio-temporal character of the South Australian continental shelf environmentsBryan, Brett Anthony; Kinloch, M.; Gerner, D. B. K.; Coastal GIS 2003 (7 July 2003 : University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia)
2007A global labor market: Factors motivating the sponsorship and temporary migration of skilled workers to AustraliaKhoo, S.; McDonald, P.; Voigt-Graf, C.; Hugo, G.
1998Global MeltdownSmith, J.; Lyons, G.; Moore, E.
1996Global mobilityHugo, G.
2006Globalization and changes in Australian international migrationHugo, G.
1998The Globalization of Population Movements: Legal MigrantsHugo, G.
2011Governance and Institutional Issues in Migration in AsiaHugo, G.
2003Government-organized distant resettlement and Three Gorges Project, ChinaTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; Potter, L.
2012A greater Australia: population, policies and governancePincus, J.; Hugo, G.
2004Growing the national capacity of highly skilled personnel: a South Australian perspectiveHugo, G.; 'Beyond Brain Drain' Conference (2004 : Queensland Bioscience Precint, Qld.)
1999Holocene sea-level change at Port Pirie, South Australia: A contribution to global sea-level rise estimates from tide gaugesHarvey, N.; Barnett, E.; Bourman, R.; Belperio, A.
2007Housing factors in welfare migration to and from metropolitan cities in AustraliaBurnley, I.; Marshall, N.; Murphy, P.; Hugo, G.
2003How do we stop the ageing 'apocalypse'?: [interview with Professor Graeme Hugo]Hugo, G.