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1999Holocene sea-level change at Port Pirie, South Australia: A contribution to global sea-level rise estimates from tide gaugesHarvey, N.; Barnett, E.; Bourman, R.; Belperio, A.
2007Housing factors in welfare migration to and from metropolitan cities in AustraliaBurnley, I.; Marshall, N.; Murphy, P.; Hugo, G.
2003How do we stop the ageing 'apocalypse'?: [interview with Professor Graeme Hugo]Hugo, G.
2000Human capital needs for the reconstruction of an independent East TimorHugo, G.
2010Husbands' labour migration and wives' autonomy, Mozambique 2000–2006Yabiku, S.; Agadjanian, V.; Sevoyan, A.
1998The hypothesis of welfare-led migration to rural areas: the Australian CaseHugo, G.; Bell, M.
2008Immigrant Settlement Outside of Australia's Capital CitiesHugo, G.
1996Immigrants and public housingHugo, G.
2006Immigration responses to global change in Asia: a reviewHugo, G.
2000Immigration, Settlement and Ethnicity in Post-war Australia: A Selection of the Writing of Charles PriceHugo, G.
2015The impact of male labour migration on women and households in rural ArmeniaAgadjanian, V.; Menjívar, C.; Sevoyan, A.
2002Impact of the crisis in Indonesia on population, migration and refugeesHugo, G.
2000The impact of the crisis on internal population movement in IndonesiaHugo, G.
2011Impacts of China's Three Gorges Dam Project on net primary productivity in the reservoir areaXu, X.; Tan, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, H.; Su, W.
2015The impacts of extra-territorial voting: swings, interregnums and feedback effects in New Zealand elections from 1914 to 2011Gamlen, A.
2017Impacts of land use changes on net ecosystem production in the Taihu Lake Basin of China from 1985 to 2010Xu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.; Tang, X.; Jiang, H.; Sun, X.; Zhuang, Q.; Li, H.
2005Implications of demographic change for future housing demand in AustraliaHugo, G.
1999Improving coastal vulnerability assessment methodologies for integrated coastal zone management: an approach from South AustraliaHarvey, N.; Clouston, B.; Carvalho, P.
2006Improving statistics on international migration in AsiaHugo, G.
2008In and out of Australia: rethinking Indian and Chinese skilled migration to AustraliaHugo, G.