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2007Making hay while the sun shines: envisioning New Zealand’s state-diaspora relationsGamlen, A.
1998Making sense of census data: a components analysis of employment change among Indigenous AustraliansTaylor, J.; Bell, M.
2013Malaysia, migration, 1970s to presentHugo, G.
2011Malaysian migration to AustraliaHugo, G.
2010Male migration, women left behind, and sexually transmitted diseases in ArmeniaSevoyan, A.; Agadjanian, V.
2017Management of acute traumatic intracranial haematoma in rural and remote areas of AustraliaGilligan, J.; Reilly, P.; Pearce, A.; Taylor, D.
1999Managing mobilisation and migration of Southeast Asia's populationHugo, G.
2003Managing mobilization and migration of Southeast Asia’s populationHugo, G.
2004Maori internal and international migration at the turn of the century: An Australasian perspectiveBedford, R.; Didham, R.; Ho, E.; Hugo, G.
2000Mapping Drug Overdoses in AdelaideTaylor, D.; Clermont, R.; Adelaide, Australia)
2002Mapping land-use change and rural resettlement capability: A case study in the Three Gorges reservoir area, ChinaTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; Bryan, B.; Wang, Y.; Institution of Surveyors Conference (2002 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2007Marriage migration between Vietnam and Taiwan: A view from VietnamHugo, G.; Nguyen Thi, H.; Female Deficit in Asia (2005 : Singapore)
2012Measuring national accessibility to cardiac services using geographic information systemsCoffee, N.; Turner, D.; Clark, R.; Eckert, K.; Coombe, D.; Hugo, G.; van Gaans, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Stewart, S.; Tonkin, A.
2015Metro ARIA and Metro ARIA-Health: New accessibility indices for Australian capital citiesTaylor, D.; Lange, J.; Institute of Australian Geographers 2015 Conference: Exploring geographic connections (IAG 2015) (01 Jul 2015 - 03 Jul 2015 : Canberra, A.C.T.)
2015A Metropolitan Accessibility Index for Australian Capital Cities - Metro ARIALange, J.; Taylor, D.; 8th International Conference on Population Geographies: The Spatial Dimensions of Population (ICPG2015) (30 Jun 2015 - 03 Jul 2015 : The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
2013Migration and climate changeHugo, G.
2010Migration and climate change: examining thresholds of change to guide effective adaptation decision-makingBardsley, D.; Hugo, G.
2013Migration and climate change: examining thresholds of change to guide effective adaptation decision-makingBardsley, D.; Hugo, G.
2002Migration and demography: Global and Australian trends and issues for policy makers, business and employersHugo, G.
2013Migration and development in Asia and a role for AustraliaHugo, G.