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2013Pacific Islands, migration 18th century to presentHugo, G.; Bedford, R.
2012Parallels of diaspora processes in ancient Greece with contemporary Greek diaspora centres: the case of the Greek-Australian diasporaHugo, G.; Bakalis, S.; Joiner, T.
2000The Patterns and Trends of Indonesian Migration During the Last Three DecadesHugo, G.; Symposium on Current Policy Issues on Population Mobility, Urbanisation and Transmigration (25 May 2000 : Jakarta, Indonesia)
1995Patterns of Settlement within AustraliaHugo, G.
1998Patterns of Temporary Mobility in Australia: Evidence from the 1991 CensusBell, Martin J.; Ward, G. J.
2002Pengungsi - Indonesia's internationally displaced personsHugo, G.
2003Physical environmental modeling, visualization and query for supporting landscape planning decisionsBryan, Brett Anthony
1999Pleistocene Lake Brachina: a preliminary stratigraphy and chronology of lacustrine sediments from the central Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaCock, B. J.; Williams, Martin Anthony J.; Adamson, Donald Argyle
2012Policies and programs for regional migration and settlementHugo, G.
2001PopulationHugo, G.
2007PopulationHugo, G.
2005PopulationHugo, G.
2012Population ageing and the labour market: Some insights from AustraliaHugo, G.
2012Population and housing in Australia: Challenges for the twenty first centuryHugo, G.; National Housing Conference (7th : 2012 : Brisbane, Queensland)
1997Population Change and Development in IndonesiaHugo, G.
2006Population development and the urban outlook for Southeast AsiaHugo, G.
2012Population distribution and internal migrationHugo, G.
2012Population flows between South Australia and AsiaHugo, G.
2007Population geographyHugo, G.
2006Population geographyHugo, G.