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2016Teaching migration studies: a new seriesDélano, A.; Gamlen, A.
2006Temporary migration and the labour market in AustraliaHugo, G.
2004Temporary migration: a new paradigm of international migrationHugo, Graeme John
2007Temporary skilled migration to Australia: Employers' perspectivesKhoo, S.; Voigt-Graf, C.; McDonald, P.; Hugo, G.
2003Temporary skilled migration to Australia: the 457 visa sub-classKhoo, S.; Voigt-Graf, C.; Hugo, G.; McDonald, P.
1996Theories of international migration: a review and appraisalHugo, G.; Massey, D.; Pellegrino, A.; Arango, J.; Taylor, J.; Kouaouci, A.
2011Three Gorges Project: effects of resettlement on nutrient balance of the agroecosystems in the reservoir areaXu, X.; Tan, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, H.
2006Three Gorges Project: Effects of Resettlement on the Environment in the Reservoir Area and CountermeasuresTan, Y.; Yao, F.
2009Three Gorges project: impacts of rural resettlement and urban relocation on the environment in the reservoir areaTan, Y.; Potter, L.
2003Toward a new conceptualization of settlements for demographyHugo, G.; Champion, A.; Lattes, A.
2003Trans-Tasman migration in context: recent flows of New Zealanders revisitedBedford, R.; Ho, E.; Hugo, G.
1998Tree Planting in Indonesia: Trends, Impacts and DirectionsPotter, L.; Lee, Jaclyn
2003Trends in population geographyHugo, G.; Geographie's New Frontiers 2003 (2003 : University of NSW, N.S.W.)
1994The turnaround in Australia: some first observations from the 1991 censusHugo, G.
1995Understanding Where Immigrants LiveHugo, G.
1998Undocumented International Migration in Southeast AsiaHugo, G.
2001Urban demographic futures: Replacement migration and social transformationsHugo, G.; Urban Futures Seminar (May 9-12, 2001 : Södertälje, Sweden)
2006Urbanisation in Asia: An overviewHugo, G.
1996Urbanisation in Indonesia: city and countryside linkedHugo, G.
1998Using Geographical Information Systems to improve equity in access to tertiary education in AustraliaHugo, G.