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1995Understanding Where Immigrants LiveHugo, G.
1998Undocumented International Migration in Southeast AsiaHugo, G.
2001Urban demographic futures: Replacement migration and social transformationsHugo, G.; Urban Futures Seminar (May 9-12, 2001 : Södertälje, Sweden)
2006Urbanisation in Asia: An overviewHugo, G.
1996Urbanisation in Indonesia: city and countryside linkedHugo, G.
1998Using Geographical Information Systems to improve equity in access to tertiary education in AustraliaHugo, G.
2000Visualising the spatio-temporal distribution of motor vehicle theft in Adelaide, South AustraliaBryan, Brett Anthony; Henry, Leakha Mary
2015Vulnerability to climate change among disadvantaged groups: the role of social exclusionSevoyan, A.; Hugo, G.
2007Walkability of local communities: Using geographic information systems to objectively assess relevant environmental attributesLeslie, E.; Coffee, N.; Frank, L.; Owen, N.; Bauman, A.; Hugo, G.
2010Water and populationHugo, G.
2017Water shortage and inequality in Minqin Oasis of northwest China: Adaptive policies and farmers’ perceptionsTan, Y.; Liu, X.
2001What is happening in rural and regional populations?Hugo, G.; National Conference on the Future of Australia's Country Towns (1st : 2000 : Bendigo, Vic.)
2003Where does ‘Taiko’ come from? Makers in the history of Japanese drummingGamlen, A.J.
1998Which Population?Bell, Martin J.; Ward, Gary
2008Which skilled temporary migrants become permanent residents and why?Khoo, S.; Hugo, G.; McDonald, P.
2012Who are the people of Australia and where do they come from?Hugo, G.; National Settlement Conference (2nd : 2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2003Who goes where?Hugo, G.
2008Why engage diasporas?Gamlen, A.
2008Why is it important to know about diasporas?Gamlen, A.; United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Conference of European Statisticians
2004Why sea changers move: Income-support recipientsHugo, G.; Burnley, I.; Murphy, P.; Marshall, N.