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2018Quantifying the societal cost of methamphetamine use to AustraliaTait, R.; Whetton, S.; Shanahan, M.; Cartwright, K.; Ferrante, A.; Gray, D.; Kaye, S.; McKetin, R.; Pidd, K.; Ritter, A.; Roche, A.; Allsop, S.
2018A model of informal favor exchange on networksMasson, V.; Choi, S.; Moore, A.; Oak, M.
2018What factors affect physicians' labour supply: comparing structural discrete choice and reduced-form approachesKalb, G.; Kuehnle, D.; Scott, A.; Cheng, T.; Jeon, S.-.H.
2018Foreign direct investment as a signalKoska, O.; Ngo, V.; Staehler, F.
2018Endogeneity in household mortgage choiceDungey, M.; Doko Tchatoka, F.; Yanotti, M.
2018Data envelopment analysis, truncated regression and double-bootstrap for panel data with application to Chinese bankingDu, K.; Worthington, A.; Zelenyuk, V.
2018How much government assistance do European wine producers receive?Anderson, K.; Jensen, H.
2018General Equilibrium Effects of Green Technological ProgressVan Long, N.; Stähler, F.
2018Mitigating rice production risks from drought through improving irrigation infrastructure and management in ChinaWang, Y.; Huang, J.; Wang, J.; Findlay, C.
2018Do you have to win it to fix it? A longitudinal study of lottery winners and their health-care demandCheng, T.; Costa-Font, J.; Powdthavee, N.
2018Who sits in Australia's grandstands?Wilson, J.; Siegfried, J.
2018All roads leading to Rome? The medium term outcomes of Australian youth’s transition pathways from educationCebulla, A.; Whetton, S.
2018Linkages between oil price shocks and stock returns revisitedMasson, V.; Doko Tchatoka, F.; Parry, S.
2017Corporate social responsibility in resource companies – opportunities for developing positive benefits and lasting legaciesFordham, A.; Robinson, G.; Blackwell, B.
2017Bilateral trading in networksCondorelli, D.; Galeotti, A.; Renou, L.
2017Repeated Nash implementationMezzetti, C.; Renou, L.
2017Vital factors for Chinese rural development: the reach of the state and lineage identity in villagesGao, C.
2017The social orientations and ideologies of UK finance employees at the onset of the Global Financial CrisisCebulla, A.
2017Testing for stochastic dominance in social networksDoko Tchatoka, F.; Garrard, R.; Masson, V.
2017FDI in Space Revisited: The Role of Spillovers on Foreign Direct Investment within the European UnionAlamá-Sabater, L.; Heid, B.; Jiménez-Fernández, E.; Márquez-Ramos, L.