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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010New indicators of how much agricultural policies restrict global tradeAnderson, K.; Croser, J.
2008The New Monetary Policy: Implications and RelevanceRogers, C.
1992New silk roads : East Asia and world textile marketsAnderson, K.
2008A new test in parametric linear models with nonparametric autoregressive errorsGao, Jiti; King, Maxwell L.; ESAM08 (2008 : Wellington, New Zealand)
2015News about aggregate demand and the business cycleGuo, J.; Sirbu, A.; Weder, M.
2013Newspaper differentiation and investments in journalism: the role of tax policyKind, H.; Schjelderup, G.; Stähler, F.
2017No-envy and egalitarian-equivalence under multi-object-demand for heterogeneous objectsYengin, D.
2012The non-constant-sum Colonel Blotto gameRoberson, B.; Kvasov, D.
2009Non-linear panel estimation of import quotas: The evolution of quota premiums under the ATCFrancois, J.; Woerz, J.
2011Non-parametric time-varying coefficient panel data models with fixed effectsLi, Degui; Chen, Jia; Gao, Jiti
2007Nonlinear time series: semiparametric and nonparametric methodsGao, J.
2000Nonparametric efficiency testing of Asian foreign exchange marketsLos, Cornelis A.
2000Nonparametric efficiency testing of Asian stock markets using weekly dataLos, Cornelis A.
2007Nonparametric Methods in Continuous Time Model SpecificationCasas, I.; Gao, J.
2008Nonparametric simultaneous testing for structural breaksGao, J.; Gijbels, I.; Van Bellegem, S.
2009Nonparametric specification testing for nonlinear time series with nonstationarityGao, J.; King, M.; Lu, Z.; Tjostheim, D.
2007A nonparametric test for the change of the density function under associationLi, D.; Lin, Z.
2004A note on conspicuous leisure, animal spirits and endogenous cyclesWeder, M.
2006A note on the exact solution of asset pricing models with habit persistenceCollard, F.; Feve, P.; Ghattassi, I.
2005A note on trade liberalization and common pool resourcesBulte, Erwin H.; Damania, Richard