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2013On the validity of Durbin-Wu-Hausman tests for partial exogeneity with weak identificationDoko Tchatoka, F.
2005On the virtues of multilateral trade negotiationsAnderson, K.
2016On the “uniform pricing puzzle” in recorded musicRichardson, M.; Stähler, F.
2013One essay on dissertation formats in economicsStock, W.; Siegfried, J.
2007One hundred years from today [Review of Fisher, Irving. The Rate of Interest: Its Nature, Determination and the Relation to Economic Phenomena (1907).]Rogers, C.
2010Only twice as much: A rule for regulating lendersOak, M.; Swamy, A.
1999"Open skies" or open clubs? New issues for Asia Pacific economic cooperationElek, A.; Findlay, C.; Hooper, P.; Warren, T.
1995Open Streets or taken for a ride? Reforming Australia's taxi marketsFindlay, C.; Round, D.
2003Opportunities and Challenges in Singapore's Services TradeFindlay, C.; Sidorenko, A.
2014Optimal acquisition strategies in unknown territoriesKoska, O.; Staehler, F.
2017Optimal contracts for research agentsShan, Y.
2002Optimal currency baskets and the third currency phenomenon: Exchange rate policy in Southeast AsiaBird, Graham; Rajan, Ramkishen D.
2013Optimal export tax rates of cocoa beans: a vector error correction model approachPermani, R.
2014Optimal incentive contracts for knowledge workersEnglmaier, F.; Muehlheusser, G.; Roider, A.
2015Optimal managerial hedging and contracting with self-esteem concernsChoe, C.; Lien, D.; Yu, C.-.F.
2009Optimum currency area (OCA) theoryPomfret, R.
2014Ordients: optimization and comparative statics without utility functionsRenou, L.; Schlag, K.
2010Organizational structure, communication, and group ethicsEllman, M.; Pezanis-Christou, P.
1997The outlook for the world trading system beyond the Uruguay RoundAnderson, K.
2007Outward investment surge in the midst of weak inward investment: the Indonesian experienceSiregar, R.; Gunawan, A.; ICRIER International Workshop on Intra-Asian FDI Flows. Conference (Apr. 2007 : New Delhi, India)