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2010Agricultural distortion patterns since the 1950s: what needs explaining?Anderson, K.; Croser, J.; Valenzuela, E.; Sandri, D.
2011Agricultural distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa: trade and welfare indicators, 1961 to 2004Croser, J.; Anderson, K.
1995Agricultural land reform in a mixed system: The Chinese Experiences of 1984-94Cheng, Y-S.; Tsang, S-K.
2003Agricultural Marketing: International TradeAnderson, K.
2010Agricultural policies: past, present and prospective under DohaAnderson, K.
2011Agricultural policy as a barrier to global economic integrationAnderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.
1997Agricultural policy reform under the Uruguay Round: impact on Asian-Pacific developing countriesAnderson, K.
1996Agricultural Policy Reform Under the Uruguay Round: Implications for Developing Countries of the ESCAP RegionAnderson, K.
2014Agricultural policy: A global viewAnderson, K.; Rausser, G.; Swinnen, J.
1995Agricultural policy: constraint to developmentAnderson, K.
2010Agricultural price distortions, inequality, and povertyAnderson, K.; Cockburn, J.; Martin, W.
2013Agricultural price distortions: trends and volatility, past, and prospectiveAnderson, K.
2008Agricultural Subsidy Cuts, New Biotechnologies, Developing Countries, and CottonAnderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.
2007Agricultural tariff and subsidy cuts in the Doha roundAnderson, K.; Martin, W.
2014Agricultural trade consequences of Asia's economic growth: a case study of wineAnderson, K.
2012Agricultural trade distortions during the global financial crisisAnderson, K.; Nelgen, S.
2002Agricultural trade liberalization : implications for Indian Ocean rim countriesAnderson, K.
2005Agricultural Trade Reform and Poverty Reduction in Developing CountriesAnderson, K.
2005Agricultural trade reform and the Doha development agendaAnderson, K.; Martin, W.
2005Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development AgendaAnderson, K.; Martin, W.