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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A Cambridge Economist But An Australian PatriotHatch, J.; Petrides, R.
2017Can authority be sustained while balancing accessibility and formality?Hashimzade, N.; Myles, G.; Myles, G.
2010Can the WTO reduce agricultural trade distortions?Anderson, K.
2009Can you earn a Ph.D. in economics in five years?Stock, W.; Finegan, T.; Siegfried, J.
2001Cannabis, alcohol and cigarettes: Substitutes or complements?Cameron, Lisa A.; Williams, Jenny
2016Capital and wealthHarcourt, G.; Tribe, K.
2012Capital-labor substitution, sector-specific externalities, and indeterminacyPhotphisutthiphong, N.; Weder, M.
2007A case for bundling public goods contributionsGhosh, S.; Karaivanov, A.; Oak, M.
2006The Case for inflation stabilityCollard, F.; Dellas, H.
2015The case for paying college athletesSanderson, A.; Siegfried, J.
2001The centenary companion to Australian federation and Australia in the Global Economy: Continuity and ChangeMcLean, I.
2009Central Asia after two decades of independencePomfret, R.; WIDER Conference (2009 : Helsinki, Finland)
2008Central Asia in the twenty-first century: Global forces, domestic institutions, and economic developmentPomfret, R.; Institution Building and Economic Development in Central Asia International Conference (2008 : Almaty, Kazakhstan)
2003Central Asia since 1991: The Experience of the New Independent StatesPomfret, Richard William Thomas
2007Central Asia since the dissolution of the Soviet union: Economic reforms and their impact on state-society relationsPomfret, R.
2007Central Asia since the dissolution of the Soviet Union: economic reforms and their impact on state-society relationsPomfret, R.
2006The Central Asian Economies since IndependencePomfret, R.
2000Central Asian regional integration and new trade patternsPomfret, R.
2001The Central Asian states ten years after: How to overcome traps of development, transformation and globalisation?Pomfret, R.
2008Central limit theorems for generalized U-statistics with applications in nonparametric specificationGao, J.; Hong, Y.