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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Data envelopment analysis, truncated regression and double-bootstrap for panel data with application to Chinese bankingDu, K.; Worthington, A.; Zelenyuk, V.
2012Death of distance and the distance puzzleLin, F.; Sim, N.
1998The Debate Concerning the Demand for NIE Exports and the Small Country Assumption: A Critical ReviewNguyen, T.
1997The Debate Concerning the Demand for NIE Exports and the Small Country Assumption: A Critical ReviewNguyen, T.
2006Debt contracts with ex-ante and ex-post asymmetric information: an exampleCarlier, G.; Renou, Ludovic
1996A Decomposition Analysis Of Income Inequality Of Chinese Rural HouseholdsCheng, Y.
2014Deep habits in the New Keynesian Phillips CurveLubik, T.; Teo, W.
2003Delinquency and genderKalb, Guyonne; Williams, Jenny
1995Demographics and markets - are there limits to export promotion strategies?Dee, P.; Findlay, C.
2005Demographics and recent productivity performance: insights from cross-country comparisonsBeaudry, P.; Collard, F.; Green, D.
1996Density, Efficiency and Equality in Australian CitiesStretton, H.
2010The dependence of return quantiles: A new approach to modeling correlationsSim, N.; Australian Conference of Economists (39th : 2010 : Sydney, NSW)
2006Designing an integrated financial supervision agency : selected lessons and challenges for IndonesiaSiregar, R.; James, W.
2016Determinants of CEO compensation: generalist - specialist versus insider - outsider attributesBrockman, P.; Lee, H.; Salas, J.
2013Determinants of corporate cash policy: insights from private firmsGao, H.; Harford, J.; Li, K.
2015The determinants of customer satisfaction in the financial planning industryZamin Ali, S.; PERANGINANGIN, Y.; WALSH, M.
2011Determinants of deep integration: examining socio-political factorsMárquez-Ramos, L.; Martínez-Zarzoso, I.; Suárez-Burguet, C.
2010Determinants of international bank lending from the developed world to East AsiaSiregar, R.; Choy, K.
2011The determinants of training participation in SingaporeThangavelu, S.M.; Haoming, L.; Cheolsung, P.; Heng, A.B.; Wong, J.
2002The devaluation of the Thai baht and a simple second generation currency crisis modelRajan, Ramkishen D.; Sugema, I.