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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Facilitating student interaction capabilities: the interplay of individual, group and course-related factorsConduit, J.; Plewa, C.; Ho, J.; Lu, V.
2015Factor price differences in a general equilibrium model of trade and imperfect competitionKoska, O.; Stähler, F.
2011The failure of Woodford's model of the channel system in the cashless economyRogers, C.
2008Fair groves mechanismsAtlamaz, M.; Yengin, D.
2014Fair TradeRichardson, M.; Stähler, F.
2008Farm policy in developing countries: What next?Anderson, Kym
2005Favoritism and reverse discriminationKim, K.; Australian Conference of Economists and Business Symposia (2005 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2010FDI Financial Constraints, and Productivity: Firm Level Study in VietnamThangavelu, S.; Findlay, C.; Chongvilaivan, A.
2017FDI in Space Revisited: The Role of Spillovers on Foreign Direct Investment within the European UnionAlamá-Sabater, L.; Heid, B.; Jiménez-Fernández, E.; Márquez-Ramos, L.
2016Fear of nuclear power? Evidence from Fukushima nuclear accident and land markets in ChinaZhu, H.; Deng, Y.; Zhu, R.; He, X.
2016Federal financial relations in the Menzies yearsPincus, J.
1998Feeding and feling China in the 21st centuryAnderson, K.; Peng, C.
2016Fertility and female labour force participation: causal evidence from urban ChinaHe, X.; Zhu, R.
2014Fifteen years of research on graduate education in economics: what have we learned?Stock, W.; Siegfried, J.
2002Financial big bang in AsiaRajan, Ramkishen D.
2010Financial Determinants of Firm Dynamics: Evidence from a European PanelBrueckner, M.
2010The financial sector and the future of capitalismPomfret, R.
2000Financial structure and the effectiveness of pollution control in an oligopolistic industryDamania, Richard
1998Financing Higher Education in Australia: the case for SuperHECSMiller, P.; Pincus, J.
1998Financing the Australian Unified National System of Higher Education: an efficiency analysisMiller, P.; Pincus, J.