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2003The gains and losses from agricultural concentration: a critical survey of the literatureWhitley, J. E.
1995The GATT's review of Australia's trade policyAnderson, K.
2015Gender differences in honesty: groups versus individualsMuehlheusser, G.; Roider, A.; Wallmeier, N.
2018General Equilibrium Effects of Green Technological ProgressVan Long, N.; Stähler, F.
2009General equilibrium effects of price distortions on global markets, farm incomes, and welfareValenzuela, E.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.; Anderson, K.
1997The General Theory: Existence of a Monetary Long-Period Unemployment EquilibriumRogers, C.
2000Getting tough on crime: Will it win the war?Williams, Jenny
2004The global and regional effects of liberalizing agriculture and other trade in the new roundHertel, T.; Anderson, K.; Francois, J.; Martin, W.
2010Global distortions to agricultural markets: indicators of trade and welfare impacts, 1960 to 2007Lloyd, P.; Croser, J.; Anderson, K.
2009Global distortions to key commodity marketsAnderson, K.; Croser, J.; Nelgen, S.; Valenzuela, E.
2012Global food security: What roles for technology and trade policies?Anderson, K.; National AARES Conference (56th : 2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2006Global impacts of the Doha scenarios on povertyAnderson, K.; Martin, W.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.
2006Global integration, growth and equity in KazakhastanPomfret, R.
2001Global market effects of alternative European responses to genetically modified organismsNielsen, C.; Anderson, K.
2006Global Merchandise Trade Reform: Disaggregating the Welfare ImpactsVan der Mensbrugghe, D.; Anderson, K.; Martin, W.
2004The global pictureAnderson, K.; Norman, D.; Wittwer, G.
2005Global responses to GM food technology: Implications for AustraliaAnderson, Kym; Jackson, Lee Ann
2006Global trade reform and the Doha development agendaAnderson, K.; Martin, W.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.
2002The global trading systemAnderson, K.; Hoekman, B.
2010Global welfare and poverty effects: linkage model resultsAnderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.