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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Habit persistence, money growth rule and real indeterminancyAuray, S.; Collard, F.; Feve, P.
2009Have Asian trade agreements reduced trade costs?Pomfret, R.; Sourdin, P.
2014Have mining royalties been beneficial to Australia?Ergas, H.; Pincus, J.
2000Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Risk ManagementLos, Cornelis A.
2006A heliocentric journey into Germany's Great DepressionWeder, M.
2005Historical statistics of the Australian economyMcLean, I.
2008History of the Meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations Since World War IISiegfried, J.
1998Hong Kong's economic relationship with ChinaCheng, Y.; Lu, W.; Findlay, C.
2002Hong Kong, Singapore and the East Asian crisis: How important were trade spillovers?Rajan, R.; Sen, R.; Siregar, R.
2002Horizontal versus sectoral disciplines for services regulationSidorenko, A.; Findlay, C.
2014Hospital utilization in mixed public-private system: evidence from Australian hospital dataCheng, T.; Palangkaraya, A.; Yong, J.
2008Hours and effort variation in sunspot-based business cycle theoryWeder, M.
2010Hours worked and permanent technology shocks in open economiesCollard, F.
2011Household inequality, social welfare, and tradeFrancois, J.; Rojas-Romagosa, H.
2010Housing assistance, social inclusion and people with disabilitiesTually, S.; Beer, A.
2011Housing policy, housing assistance and the wellbeing dividend; Developing an evidence base for post-GFC economiesBeer, A.; Baker, E.; Wood, G.; Raftery, P.
2003How can agricultural trade reform reduce poverty?Anderson, Kym
2003How can South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa gain from the next WTO roundAnderson, K.; Yao, S.
2008How capitalism was built: The transformation of central and eastern Europe Russia and Central AsiaPomfret, R.
1997How did the wealthiest New Zealanders get so rich?Hazeldine, T.; Siegfried, J.