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2013Identical preferences lower bound for allocation of heterogenous tasks and NIMBY problemsYengin, D.
2014Identification-robust inference for endogeneity parameters in linear structural modelsDoko Tchatoka, F.; Dufour, J.
2006Identifying and dating the episodes of speculative pressures against the Singapore dollarPontines, V.; Siregar, R.
2002The IMF and the ruble zonePomfret, R.
2014Immigration policy and entrepreneurshipMahuteau, S.; Piracha, M.; Tani, M.; Lucero, M.
2007Immiserizing deindustrialization: A dynamic trade model with credit constraintChesnokova, T.
2005The Impact and Coherence of OECD Country Policies on Asian Developing Economies: Development Lessons for Central AsiaPomfret, R.
2003Impact assessment of IFPRI's research and related activities based on economywide modelingAnderson, Kym
2000The impact of a goods and services tax on product market competitionDamania, Richard
2004Impact of exchange rate volatility on Indonesia's trade performance in the 1990sSiregar, R.; Rajan, R.
2004The impact of foreign direct investment on China's economyChen, C.; Findlay, C.
2006Impact of global trade and subsidy policies on developing country tradeAnderson, K.; Martin, W.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.
2013The impact of management accounting systems on international markets: theory and evidence using the balanced scorecard approachMarquez-Ramos, L.; Aparisi-Caudeli, J
2016The impact of managerial change on performance: the role of team heterogeneityMuehlheusser, G.; Schneemann, S.; Sliwka, D.
2010The impact of manufacturing protection on agricultural incentives in AustraliaAnderson, K.
2011The impact of material and service outsourcing on employment in Thailand's manufacturing industriesThangavelu, S.; Chongvilaivan, A.; thangavelu
2007The impact of rights-based management regimes on fishery productivityMcWhinnie, S.; Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society (2007 : Brisbane, Australia)
2001The impact of the Canada-United States free trade agreement on Canadian wine importsAnderson, K.
1999The Impact of the Economic Reforms on Agricultural GrowthNguyen, D. T.; Wu, H. X.
2002Impact of the GST and wine tax reform on Australia's wine industry: A CGE analysisWittwer, G.; Anderson, K.