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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Japan and the ASEAN4 automotive industryFindlay, C.; Farrell, R.
2002Japan-Singapore economic partnership agreementRajan, Ramkishen D.
2010The job market for new economists: A market design perspectiveColes, P.; Cawley, J.; Levine, P.; Niederle, M.; Roth, A.; Siegfried, J.
1998Joe IsaacHancock, K.
2016Kant-Nash equilibrium in a quantity-setting oligopolyLong, N.
2008KazakhstanPomfret, R.
2008Kazakhstan's Banking ProblemsPomfret, R.
2005Kazakhstan's economy since independence: Does the oil boom offer a second chance for sustainable development?Pomfret, R.
2014Kazakhstan's progress since independencePomfret, R.
2014Kazakhstan's role in the region and in the worldPomfret, R.
2001Kazakstan 1993–2000: Independent Advisers and the IMFPomfret, R.
2013Keynes and capitalism: The case of JapanRogers, C.
1997Keynes Monetary Theory of Value and Modern BankingRogers, C.; Rymes, T.
2008Keynes vs the Keynesians: Keynes rediscovered. [Tily, Geoff. Keynes's General Theory, The Rate of Interest and 'Keynesian' Economics: Keynes Betrayed (2007).]Rogers, C.
2008Keynes, Keynesians and contemporary monetary theory and policy: an assessmentRogers, C.; International Conference on Keynes's Influence on Modern Economics - The Keynesian Revolution Reassessed (4th : 2008 : Tokyo, Japan)
2002Keynes, money and modern macroeconomicsRogers, C.
1997Keynesian Macroeconomics and the Capital DebatesRogers, C.
1996Keynesian uncertainty in credit marketsNeal, Penny N.
2005Knight versus Herskovits: A methodologically charged debate in the 1940sBinenbaum, Eran
2010Krueger, Schiff, and Valdés Revisited: Agricultural price and trade policy reform in developing countries since 1960Anderson, K.