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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Macroeconomic potentials of transatlantic free trade: a high resolution perspective for Europe and the worldFelbermayr, G.; Heid, B.; Larch, M.; Yalcin, E.
2002Macroeconomic pressuresPomfret, R.
1997Magazine subscription discounts in AustraliaRound, David Keith; Bentick, Teresita
2016A man's blessing or a woman's curse? The family earnings gap of doctorsSchurer, S.; Kuehnle, D.; Scott, A.; Cheng, T.
2008Managing an oil boom: Has Kazakhstan used its energy resources to promote diversification through support for agriculture?Pomfret, R.; World Congress of the International Economic Association (15th : 2008 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2003Managing ecologically interdependant speciesBulte, Erwin H.; Damania, Richard
2004Mandarins, ministers and the bar on married womenSheridan, T.; Stretton, P. M.
2014The marginal cost of public funds in growing economiesHashimzade, N.; Myles, G.
2008Maritime transport costs and trade: New data and new evidenceKorinek, Jane; Sourdin, Patricia; World Congress of the International Economic Association (15th : 2008 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2012Market access and information technology adoption: historical evidence from the telephone in BavariaPloeckl, F.
2006Market Access Barriers in Agriculture and Options for ReformAnderson, K.; de Gorter, H.; Martin, W.
2005Market access in the western hemisphere: implications for the Andean communityArguello, Ricardo; Valenzuela, Ernesto
2006Market and welfare implications of the Doha reform scenariosAnderson, K.; Martin, W.; Van der Mensbrugghe, D.
2001Market definition and the health sector: Constraints and complementariesRound, David Keith; Smith, R. L.
2010Market Structure and Market AccessFrancois, J.; Wooton, I.
2015Market timing with moving averagesGlabadanidis, P.
2003Markets and Politics in Central Asia: Structural Reform and Political ChangePomfret, R.
2005Markets, planning and democracy: Essays after the collapse of socialismPomfret, R.
2012Matching workers with jobs: how well is the New Zealand labour market doing?Craigie, R.; Gillmore, D.; Groshenny, N.
2003Measurement error in county-level UCR dataLott, J. R.; Whitley, J. E.