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2009Pacific trade liberalisation and tariff revenuesKaufmann, U.
2010Pacific trade liberalisation and tariff revenues: a commentKaufmann, U.
2009Pan-Asian Integration: Linking East and South AsiaFrancois, J.; Rana, P.
2012Parallel teaching of postgraduate coursework students in undergraduate courses: an examination of student expectations, experiences, and viewsDodd, M.
2001Parameter Estimation of Stochastic Processes with Long-range Dependence and IntermittencyGao, Jiti; Anh, Vo; Heyde, Chris; Tieng, Quang
2009Partial equilibrium indicators of trade and welfare impacts of global distortions to agricultural marketsLloyd, P.; Croser, J.; Anderson, K.; Australian Conference of Economists (ACE09) (28th : 2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Partial ownership and cross-border mergersStähler, F.
2004Patterns of domestic grain flows and regional comparative advantage in grain production in ChinaFindlay, C.; Chen, C.
2016Payroll taxes, social insurance and business cyclesBurda, M.; Weder, M.
1996Peasant Income in China: The Impact of Rural Reforms and Structural ChangesCheng, Y.
2004Peat smoke and spirit: a portrait of Islay and its whiskiesJefford, Andrew
2011The Peculiar Economics of Government Policy towards SportPomfret, R.; Wilson, J.
2002Peculiarities of retaliation in WTO dispute settlementAnderson, K.
2015Peer effects on childhood and adolescent obesity in ChinaNie, P.; Sousa-Poza, A.; He, X.
2008Pension contributions as a commitment device: Evidence of sophistication among time-inconsistent householdsSourdin, Patricia
2011Perceptions of labour market risks: shifts and continuities across generationsPredelli, L.; Cebulla, A.
1995Percorsi Diversi Per Lo Sviluppo EconomicoPomfret, R.
2004The persistence of corruption and regulatory compliance failures: Theory and evidenceDamania, Richard; Fredriksson, Per G.; Mani, M.
2015Personalising learning: exploring student and teacher perceptions about flexible learning and assessment in a flipped university courseWanner, T.; Palmer, E.
1996Perspectives on the Manila Action Plan for APECFindlay, C.; Pangestu, M.; Intal, P.; Parker, S.