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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Sales, inventories and real interest rates: a century of stylized factsBenati, L.; Lubik, T.
1996Scale Economy: Land Segmentation and Grain Product in ChinaWan, G.; Cheng, E.
2006Scenarios for global trade reformAnderson, K.; Martin, W.
1996School's brief: fiscal policyNeal, Penny N.
2007Science, technology and skills. Background paper for the 2008 World Development Report of the World Bank.Pardey, Philip G.; Alston, Julian; James, Jenni; Glewwe, Paul; Binenbaum, Eran; Hurley, Terry; Wood, Stanley
2013The scientific illusion of New Keynesian monetary theoryRogers, C.
2007Scope for DOHA to reduce discrimination in agricultural marketsAnderson, K.
1999The Scope for Exchange Rate Passthrough in a Duopolistic SupergameDamania, Richard
2011Screening in courts: on the joint use of negligence and causation standardsFeess, E.; Muehlheusser, G.; Wohlschlegel, A.
2014Secure message transmission on directed networksRenault, J.; Renou, L.; Tomala, T.
2015Segment disclosure and cost of capitalBlanco, B.; Garcia Lara, J.; Tribo, J.
2003Selected papers from the 31st National Conference of Economists, Adelaide Sept 30-Oct 4, 2002. IntroductionLewis, M.; Shanahan, M.; Barreto, R.; D'Arcy, P.
1996Self-fulfilling expectations and the general theoryRogers, C.
2009A semiparametric approach to nonlinear ACD modelWongsaart, Pipat; Gao, Jiti; Allen, David E.; Australian Conference of Economists (38th : 2009 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2001Semiparametric approximation methods in multivariate model selectionGao, Jiti; Wolff, Rodney; Anh, Vo
2006Semiparametric estimation and testing of the trend of temperature seriesGao, J.; Hawthorne, K.
2010Semiparametric estimation in time series simultaneous equations modelsGao, Jiti; Phillips, Peter; Econometric Society World Congress (10th : 2010 : Shanghai, China); ESWC 2010
2013Semiparametric estimation in triangular system equations with nonstationarityGao, Jiti; Phillips, Peter C. B.
2004Semiparametric non-linear time series model selectionGao, J.; Tong, H.
2007Semiparametric penalty function method in partially linear model selectionDong, C.; Gao, J.; Tong, H.