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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The Tait Inquiry and the 1956 Stevedoring Industry ActSheridan, T.; National Labour History Conference (7th : 2001 : Canberra, Australia)
1995Taiwan's involvement in Jiangsu ProvincePomfret, R.
2008Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and UzbekistanPomfret, R.
2016Tax collection, recovery and enforcement issues for insolvent entitiesVillios, S.
2013Tax competition in a simple model with heterogeneous firms: how larger markets reduce profit taxesHaufler, A.; Stähler, F.
2009Tax compliance and firms' strategic interdependenceBayer, R.C.; Cowell, F.
2005Tax compliance and firms' strategic interdependenceBayer, R.C.; Cowell, F.; The Economic Society of Australia - Conference of Economists (26 Sep 2005 : The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
2010Tax compliance by firms and audit policyBayer, R.C.; Cowell, F.; Annual Congress of the European Economic Association (25th : 2010 : Glasgow, Scotland)
2016Tax compliance by firms and audit policyBayer, R.; Cowell, F.
2005Tax distortions and the case for price stabilityCollard, F.; Dellas, H.
2006Taylor rules and macroeconomic instability or how the Central Bank can preempt sunspot expectationsWeder, M.
2002Teaching and learning in first year seminarsAllsopp, Louise E.
2008Teaching the economics of intellectual property rights in the global economyMaskus, K.
1996Technical Efficiency and Firm Attributes in Chinese Iron and Steel IndustryWu, Yanrui
2009Technological change and the roaring twenties: A neoclassical perspectiveSharon, H.; Weder, M.
2007Technology shocks and employmentCollard, F.; Dellas, H.
2011Technology spillovers from foreign direct investment in Vietnam: Horizontal or vertical spillovers?Le, H.; Pomfret, R.
2008Technology, credit and confidence during the roaring twentiesHarrison, S.; Weder, M.; Southern Workshop in Macroeconomics (28 Mar 2008 : Auckland)
2005TelecommunicationsFindlay, C.; Lee, R.C.; Sidorenko, A.; Pangestu, M.
2005Telecommunications Reform in Indonesia: Achievements and ChallengesLee, R.; Findlay, C.