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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999U.S. Regional Growth and Convergence 1880-1980Mitchener, K.; McLean, I.
2014Uncertainty shocks and unemployment dynamics in U.S. recessionsCaggiano, G.; Castelnuovo, E.; Groshenny, N.
2004Under performers and over achievers: A quantile regression analysis of growthBarreto, R.; Hughes, A.
2014Undergraduate coursework in economics: a survey perspectiveSiegfried, J.; Walstad, W.
2015The undergraduate origins of PhD economists revisitedStock, W.; Siegfried, J.
2009Understanding currency crises and monetary policy responses in emerging economiesRajan, Ramkishen D.; Parulkar, Makarand
2010Understanding government interventions in agricultural marketsAnderson, K.
2010Understanding international trade in agricultural products: One hundred years of contributions by agricultural economistsJosling, T.; Anderson, K.; Schmitz, A.; Tangermann, S.
2016Uniform service, uniform productivity?: regional efficiency of the Imperial German postal, telegraph, and telephone servicePloeckl, F.
2011Uniform versus discriminatory tariffsHashimzade, N.; Khodavaisi, H.; Myles, G.
1995Union wage sensitivity to trade and protectionGaston, Noel G.; Trefler, D.
2015Urban shopping patterns in Indonesia and their implications for small farmersMinot, N.; Stringer, R.; Umberger, W.; Maghraby, W.
2001US Dollar Appreciation and the Spread of Pierce's Disease: Effects on the World Wine MarketWittwer, G.; Anderson, K.
2008US – Countervailing Duty Investigation of DRAMSFrancois, J.; Palmeter, D.
1998US-EU Rival Regionalism from the Asian PerspectivePomfret, R.
2015The use of agent-based modelling to investigate tax complianceHashimzade, N.; Myles, G.D.; Page, F.; Rablen, M.D.
2002Using consultancy for teaching elementary statisticsTruran, J.; Arnold, A.
2008Using energy resources to diversify the economy: Agricultural price distortions in KazakhstanPomfret, R.; American Economic Association Annual Conference (2008 : New Orleans, USA)
2000The Uzbek model of economic development, 1991-99Pomfret, R.
2003UzbekistanPomfret, R.