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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Valence characteristics and entry of a third partyKim, K.
2010The value of public and private green spaces under water restrictionsHatton MacDonald, D.; Crossman, N.; Mahmoudi, P.; Taylor, L.; Summers, D.; Boxall, P.
2001Valuing New Zealand recreational fishing and an assessment of the validity of the contingent valuation estimatesWheeler, S.; Damania, Richard
2009Variable selection in partially time-varying coefficient modelsLi, Degui; Chen, Jia; Lin, Zhengyan
2012Variety mattersPavlov, O.; Weder, M.
1999Vietnam’s transforming economy & WTO accession : implications for agricultural and rural developmentAnderson, K.
2000Visualization of chaos for finance majorsLos, Cornelis; Finance Educators Conference (2000 : Deakin University, Victoria, Australia)
2017Vital factors for Chinese rural development: the reach of the state and lineage identity in villagesGao, C.
2013Wage posting without full commitmentDoyle, M.; Wong, J.
2012Wage-vacancy contracts and coordination frictionsJacquet, Nicolas Laurent; Tan, Serene Sze-Ching
1997The Wallis inquiry and bank merger policyNeal, Penny N.
1997The Wallis inquiry: financial regulation and systemic instabilityNeal, Penny N.
2000Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis of High Frequency Asian FX Rates, Summer 1997Los, Cornelis A.; Karuppiah, Jeyanthi
1998“We're not financial organisations!”: Financial innovation without regulation in China's rural cooperative fundsCheng, E.; Findlay, C.; Watson, A.
2010Wealth Inequality and Credit Markets: Evidence from Three Industrialized CountriesBrueckner, M.; Gerling, K.; Gruner, H.
2016The wealth of the nationErgas, H.; Pincus, J.
2017Welfare lower bounds and strategy-proofness in the queueing problemYengin, D.; Chun, Y.
2009Welfare-based and trade-based indicators of national agricultural distortionsLloyd, P.; Croser, J.; Anderson, K.
2014The wellbeing of the Australian people: Comments on the treasury's frameworkPincus, J.
2008What Business Wants from Regional CooperationFindlay, C.