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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Assessing global computable general equilibrium model validity using agricultural price volatilityValenzuela, E.; Hertel, T.; Keeney, R.; Reimer, J.
2005Incorporating commodity stockholding into a general equilibrium model of the global economyHertel, T.; Reimer, J.; Valenzuela, E.
2010Are the poverty effects of trade policies invisible?Verma, M.; Valenzuela, E.; Hertel, T.; Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (13th : 2010 : Penang, Malaysia)
2004Evaluating poverty impacts of globalization and trade policy changes on agricultural producersValenzuela, E.; Hertel, T.; Ivanic, M.; Pratt, A.; American Agricultural Economics Association Meetings (Denver, CO) (01 Aug 2004 : Denver, Colorado)
2005Agriculture productivity growth: Is the current trend on the track to poverty reduction?Valenzuela, E.; Ivanic, M.; Ludena, C.; Hertel, T.; American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting (24 Jul 2005 : Providence)
2008EcuadorValenzuela, E.; Wong, S.; Sandri, D.
2010How would global trade liberalization affect rural and regional incomes in Australia?Anderson, K.; Giesecke, J.; Valenzuela, E.
2008Recent and prospective adoption of genetically modified cotton: A global computable general equilibrium analysis of economic impactsAnderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.; Jackson, L.
2008Impacts of trade reform: sensitivity of model results to key assumptionsValenzuela, E.; Anderson, K.
2007Do global trade distortions still harm developing country farmers?Anderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.