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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Therapeutic use of cannabis: clarifying the debateGowing, L.; Ali, R.; Christie, P.; White, J.
1996Improvements in retention rates and changes in client groups with methadone maintenance streaming.White, J.; Ryan, C.; Ali, R.
1999A review of biological indicators of illicit drug use, practical considerations and clinical usefulness.Wolff, K.; Farrell, M.; Marsden, J.; Monteiro, M.; Ali, R.; Welch, S.; Strang, J.
1996Heroin overdose: the case for take-home naltrexoneStrang, J.; Darke, S.; Hall, W.; Farrell, M.; Ali, R.
1999Laws applying to minor cannabis offences in Australia and their evaluationLenton, S.; McDonald, D.; Ali, R.; Moore, T.
2002Which substitution pharmacotherapy is most effective in treating opioid dependence?Gowing, L.; Ali, R.; White, J.
2008Ensuring the safety of new medications and devices: are naltrexone implants safe?Wodak, A.; Ali, R.; Sansom, L.; Henry, D.
2009Injection of medications used in opioid substitution treatment in Australia after the introduction of a mixed partial agonist-antagonist formulationDegenhardt, L.; Larance, B.; Bell, J.; Winstock, A.; Lintzeris, N.; Ali, R.; Scheuer, N.; Mattick, R.
2015The characteristics of a cohort who tamper with prescribed and diverted opioid medicationsLarance, B.; Lintzeris, N.; Bruno, R.; Peacock, A.; Cama, E.; Ali, R.; Kihas, I.; Hordern, A.; White, N.; Degenhardt, L.
2016Diversion and injection of buprenorphine-naloxone film two years post-introduction in AustraliaLarance, B.; Mattick, R.; Ali, R.; Lintzeris, N.; Jenkinson, R.; White, N.; Kihas, I.; Cassidy, R.; Degenhardt, L.