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1998Protein synthesis and secretion by the epididymis of the brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpeculaLamont, A.; Clarke, H.; Cooper, N.; Holland, M.; Breed, W.
1996The marsupial shell membrane: an ultrastructural and immunogold localization studyRoberts, C.; Breed, W.
2001Isolation and partial characterization of the outer dense fibres and fibrous sheath from the sperm tail of a marsupial: the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)Ricci, M.; Breed, W.
2000Changes in glycoprotein composition of the plasma membrane of brushtail possum spermatozoa, during epidydmal migrationIsaacs, N.; Breed, W.; FSA/ASRB 2000 - Thirty-first Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology (26 Apr 2000 : Canberra, Australia)
2000Do females determine the breeding system in Spinifex Hopping Mice Notomys alexis?Taylor, T.; Breed, W.; Australian Mammal Society 2000 Conference (12 Apr 2000 : Alice Springs)
2007Native mice and ratsBreed, W.; Ford, F.
2004The spermatozoon of Eurasian murine rodents: Its morphological diversity and evolutionBreed, W.
2000How Similar is the Molecular Structural Organization of the Marsupial Zona Pellucida to that of Eutherians?Breed, W.; Hope, R.; Chapman, J.; Wiebkin, O.; The Third International Symposium on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Egg and Embryo Extracellular Matrix (27 Aug 2000 : Lake Tahoe, California, USA)
1995Spinifex Hopping Mouse-Notomys alexisBreed, W.
2006Variation of sperm head shape and tail length in a species of Australian hydromyine rodent: the spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexisBauer, M.; Breed, W.