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2007Sperm morphology of the Eurasian beaver, Castor fiber: An example of a species of rodent with highly derived and pleiomorphic sperm populationsBierla, J.; Gizejewski, Z.; Leigh, C.; Costin, J.; Soderquist, L.; Rodriguez-Martinez, H.; Zalewski, K.; Breed, W.
2000Testis size and sperm numbers in the adult hopping mouse, Notomys alexis - an updatePeirce, E.; Breed, W.; Australian Mammal Society Inc. 2000 Conference (12 Apr 2000 : Alice Springs, Australia)
2000Structure of the zona pellucida of a model marsupial, the Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula: Family, Phalangeridae).Chapman, J.; Wiebkin, O.; Breed, W.; Society for the Study of Fertility, British Andrology Society, British Fertility Society Joint Summer Meeting (1 Jul 2000 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
1998Seasonal reproduction in a population of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats Lasiorhinus latifrons in the Blanchetown region of South AustraliaGaughwin, M.; Breed, W.; Wells, R.
2000Isolation and partial characterisation of the outer dense fibres and fibrous sheath from the sperm tail of a marsupialRicci, M.; Breed, W.
2007Interspecific variation of sperm morphology in the Australian rodent genus ZyzomysBreed, W.; Leigh, C.; Robertson, H.; Lambert, C.; Jequier, A.; Matson, P.
2003Reproductive biology of carnivorous marsupials: clues to the likelihood of sperm competitionTaggart, D.; Shimmin, G.; Dickman, C.; Breed, W.; Jones, M.; Dickman, C.; Archer, M.
2006Intraspecific variation in sperm tail length in rodentsBreed, W.; Bauer, M.; Wade, R.; Thitipramote, N.; Suwajarat, J.; Yelland, L.; SRF Society for Reproduction and Fertility Conference and National Ovarian Workshop (3 Jul 2006 : Leeds)
2003Sperm maturation and fertilisation in Australian and American insectivorous marsupialsBreed, W.; Taggart, D.; Moore, H.; Jones, M.; Dickman, C.; Archer, M.
2008Testis mass of the spinfex hopping mouse and its impact on fertility potentialBauer, M.; Breed, W.