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2001Intervertebral disc disorganization is related to trabecular bone architecture in the lumbar spineSimpson, E.; Parkinson, I.; Manthey, B.; Fazzalari, N.
2003Interrelationships between structural parameters of cancellous bone reveal accelerated structural change at low bone volumeParkinson, I.; Fazzalari, N.
2004Effectiveness of autopapsystem location-guided screening in the evaluation of cervical cytology smearsStevens, M.; Milne, A.; Parkinson, I.; Nespolon, W.; Fazzalari, N.; Arora, N.; Dodd, T.
2004A review of anatomical and mechanical factors affecting vertebral body integrityBriggs, A.; Greig, A.; Wark, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Bennell, K.
2012Vertebral body bone strength: the contribution of individual trabecular element morphologyParkinson, I.; Badiei, A.; Stauber, M.; Codrington, J.; Muller, R.; Fazzalari, N.
2002The effect of hydration on the stiffness of intervertebral discs in an ovine modelCosti, J.; Hearn, T.; Fazzalari, N.
2013Trabecular plate loss and deteriorating elastic modulus of femoral trabecular bone in intertrochanteric hip fracturesWang, J.; Zhou, B.; Parkinson, I.; Thomas, C.; Clement, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Guo, X.
2005In vivo intrarater and interrater precision of measuring apparent bone mineral density in vertebral subregions using supine lateral dual-energy X-ray absorptiometryBriggs, A.; Wark, J.; Kantor, S.; Teh, R.; Greig, A.; Fazzalari, N.; Bennell, K.
2001Intervertebral disc disorganisation and its relationship to age adjusted vertebral body morphometry and vertebral bone architectureFazzalari, N.; Manthey, B.; Parkinson, I.
2003Trabecular rod thickness by direct measurement from 3D SEM anaglyphsVijayapalan, V.; Sutton-Smith, P.; Parkinson, I.; Martin, R.; Fazzalari, N.