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2001Sexually dimorphic mandibular morphology in the first few years of lifeLoth, S.; Henneberg, M.
2006Pygmoid Australomelanesian Homo sapiens skeletal remains from Liang Bua, Flores: Population affinities and pathological abnormalitiesJacob, T.; Indriati, E.; Soejono, R.; Hsu, K.; Frayer, D.; Eckhardt, R.; Kuperavage, A.; Thorne, A.; Henneberg, M.
2005Applications of pooled DNA samples to the assessment of population affinities: short tandem repeatsCrawford, M.; Banerjee, P.; DeMarchi, D.; Zlojutro, M.; McComb, J.; Livshits, G.; Henneberg, M.; Mosher, M.; Schanfield, M.; Knowles, J.
2008Expert witness in a Courtroom: Australian ExperienceHenneberg, M.
2011Evolution of human tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of paleopathological evidenceHolloway, K.; Henneberg, R.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Henneberg, M.
2001The relationship of the number of Meissner's corpuscles to dermatoglyphic characters and finger sizeDillon, Y.; Haynes, J.; Henneberg, M.
2008Anatomy of the nasal profileAnderson, K.; Henneberg, M.; Norris, R.
2013One reason why waist-to-height ratio is usually better related to chronic disease risk and outcome than body mass indeUlijaszek, S.; Henneberg, M.; Henry, C.
2005Anatomical variations in the branches of the human aortic arch: a recent study of a South Australian populationBhatia, K.; Ghabriel, M.; Henneberg, M.
2012Sequencing human ribs into anatomical order by quantitative multivariate methodsCirillo, J.; Henneberg, M.