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1996Detections of carriers of haemophilia A: use of bioassays and restriction fragment length polymorphismsRudzki, Zbigniew; Rodgers, Susan E.; Sheffield, L. J.; Lloyd, J. V.
1997Formation of novel C'-oxidized abasic sites in alkylperoxyl radical-damaged plasmid DNA.Harkin, Louise A.; Burcham, Philip Cyril
1998Classification of heart rate variability in patients with mild hypertension.Raymond, Ben; Taverner, David; Nandagopal, D.; Mazumdar, J.
1996Survey of cyclosporin-sparing agent use in Australasian transplant centres.Jones, Terry E.
1998Therapeutic monitoring of mycophenolic acid: A consensus panel reportShaw, Leslie M.; Nicholls, Andrew; Hale, Michael; Armstrong, Victor W.; Oellerich, Michael; Yatscoff, Randy; Morris, Randall E.; Holt, David W.; Venkataramanan, Raman; Haley, Jane; Halloran, Philip; Ettinger, Robert; Keown, Paul; Morris, Raymond G.
1996Health status at entry to methadone maintenance treatment using the SF-36 health survey questionnaire.Ryan, C. F.; White, Jason Mark
1996Dextromoramide pharmacokinetics following sublingual administration.Jones, Terry E.; Morris, Raymond G.; Saccoia, N. C.; Thorne, David
1999The effects of oral pseudoephendrine on nasal patency in the common cold: a double-blind single-dose placebo-controlled trial.Taverner, David; Danz, Catherine Elizabeth Maria; Economos, D.
1996Pharmacological properties of ketamineWhite, Jason Mark; Ryan, C. F.
1996Chirality and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugsHayball, Peter John