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1996Enantioselective synthesis of the four isomers of the biologically active metabolite of the 2-arylpropanoic acid NSAID, ximoprofen, and assessment of their inhibitory activity on human platelet cyclo-oxygenase in vitroHamon, David P. G.; Hayball, Peter John; Massy-Westropp, Ralph A.; Newton, Josephine Louise; Tamblyn, Julie G.
1998Protection by black tea and green tea against UVB and UVA + B induced skin cancer in hairless miceRecord, Ian Ronald; Dreosti, Ivor E.
1998Delivery of a therapeutic drug monitoring services: survey of Australasian clinical pharmacology laboratories.Morris, Raymond G.
1998Diltiazem disposition and metabolism in recipients of renal transplants.Morris, Raymond G.; Jones, Terry E.
1995Behavioural effects of caffeine coadministered with nicotine, benzodiazepines and alcohol.White, Jason Mark
1996Comparison of the infectivity of isolates of Listeria monocytogenes following intragastric and intravenous inocculation in miceBarbour, Angela Helen; Rampling, Anita; Hormaeche, Carlos E.
1998Evaluation of the tacrolimus II microparticle enzyme immunoassay (MEIA II) in liver and renal transplant recipientsCogill, Jan L.; Taylor, Paul J.; Westley, Ian S.; Morris, Raymond G.; Lynch, Stephen V.; Johnson, Anthony G.
1995The long-term effect of pinealectomy on the crypts of the rat gastrointestinal tractCallaghan, Brian Desmond
1995Prolonged effect of hippocampal lesions on rat gastrointestinal crypt cell kineticsCallaghan, Brian Desmond
1999Intestinal macromaolecule absorption in the fetal pig after infusion of colostrum in uteroSangild, Per T.; Trahair, J. F.; Loftager, M. K.; Fowden, Abigail L.