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2007Symmetrical "mirror-image" injuries and the "chessboard" pattern: Useful markers of self-mutilationByard, R.; Gilbert, J.; Tsokos, M.
2007Role of orthopedic implants and bone morphology in the identification of human remainsSimpson, E.; James, R.; Eitzen, D.; Byard, R.
2007Blood stain pattern interpretation in cases of fatal haemorrhage from ruptured varicose veinsByard, R.; Veldhoen, D.; Manock, C.; Gilbert, J.
2007Extensive and mutilating craniofacial trauma involving defleshing and decapitation - Unusual features of fatal dog attacks in the youngTsokos, M.; Byard, R.; Puschel, K.
2007Forensic issues in cases of Diogenes syndromeByard, R.; Tsokos, M.
2007Massive fatal aspiration of blood - Not necessarily a result of traumaTsokos, M.; Byard, R.
2007Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - Standardised investigations and classification: RecommendationsBajanowski, T.; Vege, A.; Byard, R.; Krous, H.; Arnestad, M.; Bachs, L.; Banner, J.; Blair, P.; Borthne, A.; Dettmeyer, R.; Fleming, P.; Gaustad, P.; Gregersen, M.; Grogaard, J.; Holter, E.; Isaksen, C.; Jorgensen, J.; de Lange, C.; Madea, B.; Moore, I.; et al.
2007Barrett esophagus and unexpected deathByard, R.
2007Death associated with volatile substance inhalation - Histologic scanning electron microscopic and energy dispersive X-ray spectral analyses of lung tissueByard, R.; Gilbert, J.; Terlet, J.
2007Fatal asphyxial episodes in the very young: Classification and diagnostic issuesByard, R.; Jensen, L.