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2014The extent to which garments affect the assessment of body shapes of males from faceless CCTV imagesLucas, T.; Kumaratilake, J.; Henneberg, M.
2013An evolutionary and anthropological examination of brain/mind and noveltySaniotis, A.; Henneberg, M.; Kumaratilake, J.
2017Use of units of measurement error in anthropometric comparisonsLucas, T.; Henneberg, M.
2016Imaging ancient and mummified specimens: dual-energy CT with effective atomic number imaging of two ancient Egyptian cat mummiesBewes, J.; Morphett, A.; Pate, F.; Henneberg, M.; Low, A.; Kruse, L.; Craig, B.; Hindson, A.; Adams, E.
2016The appearance of new social class of wealthy commoners in the 19th and the early 20th century and its biological consequencesBudnik, A.; Henneberg, M.
1998The small child: anthropometric and physical performance characteristics of short-for-age children growing in good and in poor socio-economic conditionsHenneberg, M.; Harrison, G.; Brush, G.
1996Volumes of human brain cortex and of subcortical structures and their variabilitySolomon, A.; Henneberg, M.
1998Statistical significance of body impedance measurements in estimating body compositionGrieve, C.; Henneberg, M.
1996A preliminary palaeodemographic evaluation of the skeletal material from the necropolis of Ponte di Ferro, Paestum, Italy (6th-5thc. BC)Henneberg, M.; Henneberg, R.
1997Cranial Growth in the prehistoric sample from K2 at Mapungubwe (South Africa) is population specificSteyn, M.; Henneberg, M.