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1997Microdosimetric modelling of damage to haemopoietic stem cells from radon decay in fatUtteridge, T.; Charlton, D.; Turner, M.; Beddoe, A.; Leong, A.; Milios, J.; Fazzalari, N.; To, L.
1997Pathogenesis of tears of the anulus investigated by multiple-level transaxial analysis of the T12-L1 discVernon-Roberts, B.; Fazzalari, N.; Manthey, B.
1995Morphometric analysis of the bone growth plate in sudden infant death syndromeByard, R.; Fazzalari, N.; Moore, A.; Byers, S.
1997Quantitative analysis of trabecular morphogenesis in the human costochondral junction during the postnatal period in normal subjectsFazzalari, N.; Moore, A.; Byers, S.; Byard, R.
1997Effect of enzyme replacement therapy on bone formation in a feline model of mucopolysaccharidosis Type VIByers, S.; Nuttall, J.; Crawley, A.; Hopwood, J.; Smith, K.; Fazzalari, N.
1995Quantitative morphometric analysis of trabecular bone architecture in feline mucopolysaccharidosis VIClarke, J.; Byers, S.; Moore, A.; Fazzalari, N.; Hopwood, J.
1996Calcified cartilage, subchondral and cancellous bone morphometry within the knee of normal subjectsKoszyca, B.; Fazzalari, N.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
1996Quantitative analysis of the bone-cartilage interface within the kneeKoszyca, B.; Fazzalari, N.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
1995Fractal properties of iliac crest bone in vertebral crush fractureFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1998Fractal Properties of Cancellous Bone of the Iliac Crest in Vertebral Crush FractureFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.