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2016Depression screening after cardiac surgery: a six month longitudinal follow up for cardiac events, hospital readmissions, quality of life and mental healthTully, P.; Baumeister, H.; Bennetts, J.; Rice, G.; Baker, R.
2012A clinical prediction model to assess the risk of operative delivery: Authors’ ReplySchuit, E.; Moons, K.; Groenwold, R.; Kwee, A.; Mol, B.
2015Chronic fatigue syndrome: what is it and how to treat?Moylan, S.; Eyre, H.A.; Berk, M.
2014A predictive model combining human epididymal protein 4 and radiologic features for the diagnosis of ovarian cancerStiekema, A.; Lok, C.; Kenter, G.; Van Driel, W.; Vincent, A.; Korse, C.
2016Fc-γ receptor polymorphisms, cetuximab therapy, and survival in the NCIC CTG CO.17 trial of colorectal cancerLiu, G.; Tu, D.; Lewis, M.; Cheng, D.; Sullivan, L.; Chen, Z.; Morgen, E.; Simes, J.; Price, T.; Tebbutt, N.; Shapiro, J.; Jeffery, G.; Mellor, J.; Mikeska, T.; Virk, S.; Shepherd, L.; Jonker, D.; O'Callaghan, C.; Zalcberg, J.; Karapetis, C.; et al.
2015Seminal fluid factors regulate activin A and follistatin synthesis in female cervical epithelial cellsSharkey, D.; Schjenken, J.; Mottershead, D.; Robertson, S.
2016Caspase-2 deficiency accelerates chemically induced liver cancer in miceShalini, S.; Nikolic, A.; Wilson, C.; Puccini, J.; Sladojevic, N.; Finnie, J.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2013High-density lipoproteins suppress chemokine expression and proliferation in human vascular smooth muscle cellsVan Der Vorst, E.; Vanags, L.; Dunn, L.; Prosser, H.; Rye, K.; Bursill, C.
2017Nerve growth factor promotes gastric tumorigenesis through aberrant cholinergic signalingHayakawa, Y.; Sakitani, K.; Konishi, M.; Asfaha, S.; Niikura, R.; Tomita, H.; Renz, B.; Tailor, Y.; Macchini, M.; Middelhoff, M.; Jiang, Z.; Tanaka, T.; Dubeykovskaya, Z.; Kim, W.; Chen, X.; Urbanska, A.; Nagar, K.; Westphalen, C.; Quante, M.; Lin, C.; et al.
2017FGF-2 gene polymorphism in osteoporosis among Guangxi’s Zhuang ChineseBin, X.; Lin, C.; Huang, X.; Zhou, Q.; Wang, L.; Xian, C.J.