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2021Sleep disordered breathing in children: which symptoms do parents consider a problem?Lushington, K.; Biggs, S.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.
2021Hospitalisations for non-fatal overdose among people with a history of opioid dependence in New South Wales, Australia, 2001-2018: findings from the OATS retrospective cohort studyJones, N.R.; Hickman, M.; Larney, S.; Nielsen, S.; Ali, R.; Murphy, T.; Dobbins, T.; Fiellin, D.A.; Degenhardt, L.
2020The effectiveness of a standardised rapid response system on the reduction of cardiopulmonary arrests and other adverse events among emergency surgical admissionsOu, L.; Chen, J.; Hillman, K.; Flabouris, A.; Parr, M.; Green, M.
2020Parental somatic illnesses and their association with prodromal symptoms of psychosis among offspringKinnunen, L.; Nordström, T.; Niemelä, M.; Räsänen, S.; Whittle, S.; Sawyer, M.; Miettunen, J.
2021Children's school footwear: The impact of fit on foot function, comfort and jump performance in children aged 8 to 12 yearsMatthias, E.; Banwell, H.A.; Arnold, J.B.
2020Design and structural optimization of novel 2H-benzo[h]chromene derivatives that target AcrB and reverse bacterial multidrug resistanceWang, Y.; Alenazy, R.; Gu, X.; Polyak, S.W.; Zhang, P.; Sykes, M.J.; Zhang, N.; Venter, H.; Ma, S.
2020Childhood infections, vaccinations, and tonsillectomy and risk of first clinical diagnosis of CNS demyelination in the Ausimmune StudyHughes, A.M.; Ponsonby, A.L.; Dear, K.; Dwyer, T.; Taylor, B.V.; van der Mei, I.; Valery, P.C.; Lucas, R.M.
2020Reduced impact of endovascular thrombectomy on disability in real-world practice, relative to randomized controlled trial evidence in AustraliaGao, L.; Tan, E.; Moodie, M.; Parsons, M.; Spratt, N.J.; Levi, C.; Butcher, K.; Kleinig, T.; Yan, B.; Chen, C.; Lin, L.; Choi, P.; Bivard, A.
2020Multifunctional roles of the actin-binding protein Flightless I in inflammation, cancer and wound healingStrudwick, X.L.; Cowin, A.J.
2020Gastrointestinal nematode infection affects overall activity in young sheep monitored with tri-axial accelerometersIkurior, S.J.; Pomroy, W.E.; Scott, I.; Corner-Thomas, R.; Marquetoux, N.; Leu, S.T.