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2015Anti-obesity drugsRankin, W.; Wittert, G.
2017Matching meals to body clocks-impact on weight and glucose metabolismHutchison, A.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.
2017Nutrient patterns and chronic inflammation in a cohort of community dwelling middle-aged menCao, Y.; Wittert, G.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Appleton, S.; Shi, Z.
2015High fat diet induced changes in gastric vagal afferent response to adiponectinKentish, S.; Ratcliff, K.; Li, H.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.
2017Trajectories of quality of life, life satisfaction, and psychological adjustment after prostate cancerChambers, S.; Ng, S.; Baade, P.; Aitken, J.; Hyde, M.; Wittert, G.; Frydenberg, M.; Dunn, J.
2013Shared care obesity management in 3-10 year old children: 12 month outcomes of HopSCOTCH randomised trialWake, M.; Lycett, K.; Clifford, S.; Sabin, M.; Gunn, J.; Gibbons, K.; Hutton, C.; McCallum, Z.; Arnup, S.; Wittert, G.
2017The association between total phthalate concentration and non-communicable diseases and chronic inflammation in South Australian urban dwelling menBai, P.; Wittert, G.; Taylor, A.; Martin, S.; Milne, R.; Jenkins, A.; Januszewski, A.; Shi, Z.
2005Exercise and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axisInder, W.; Wittert, G.
2002Defining 'relative' androgen deficiency in aging men: how should testosterone be measured and what are the relationships between androgen levels and physical, sexual and emotional health?Haren, M.; Morley, J.; Chapman, I.; O'Loughlin, P.; Wittert, G.
2008Endocannabinoid system in food intake and metabolic regulationJesudason, D.; Wittert, G.