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2022Naturalizando la epistemología psicodélicaLetheby, C.
2022Resisting Linguistic Rules in French-Australian WritingEdwards, N.; Hogarth, C.
2022Paddy Compass Namadbara and Baldwin Spencer: an artist's recollection of the first commissioned Aboriginal bark paintins in Oenpelli, 1912Goldhahn, J.; Taylor, L.; Tacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Maralngurra, G.
2022Graphic medicine and health professional education: An internship comic book case studyHumphrey, A.
2022Contemporary French-Australian Travel Writing: Transnational Memoirs by Patricia Gotlib and Emmanuelle FerrieuxEdwards, N.; Hogarth, C.
2022Imagining oneself being someone elseFernández, J.
2022Meet your meat! How Australian livestock producers are using Instagram to promote 'happy meat'Buddle, E.A.; Contois, E.; Kish, Z.
2022IntroductionTacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Frederick, U.K.; McDonald, J.; Blyth, M.; Tacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Frederick, U.K.; McDonald, J.
2022Histories of Australian Rock Art ResearchTacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Frederick, U.K.; McDonald, J.
2022Development journalism and revitalisation of familism in MalaysiaImran, M.A.
2022Djimongurr (c. 1910-1969)Gumbuwa Maralngurra, J.; May, S.; Goldhahn, J.; Nolan, M.
2022Style and substance: McCarthy versus Mountford and the emergence of an archaeology of rock art 1948–1960Clarke, A.; May, S.; Frederick, U.K.; Johnston, I.G.; Tacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Frederick, U.K.; McDonald, J.
2022BeautyMcMahon, J.; Frow, J.
2022Flawed Border Crossings in Life Writing by Fabienne Kanor and Gisèle PineauEdwards, N.; Hogarth, A.C.
2022Psychedelics and meditation: a neurophilosophical perspectiveLetheby, C.; Repetti, R.
2022Picturing Nayombolmi: The most prolific known rock art artist in the worldGoldhahn, J.; May, S.; Tacon, P.
2022Extraordinary Back-to-Back Human and Animal Figures in the Art of Western Arnhem Land, Australia: One of the World's Largest AssemblagesTaçon, P.S.C.; May, S.K.; Goldhahn, J.; Taylor, L.; Brady, L.M.; Ressel, A.; Jalandoni, A.; Wesley, D.; Maralngurra, G.
2022Rock Art and (Re)Production of Narratives: A Cassowary Bone Dagger Stencil Perspective from Auwim, East Sepik, Papua New GuineaTsang, R.; Katuk, S.; May, S.K.; Taçon, P.S.C.; Ricaut, F.-X.; Leavesley, M.G.
2022Encouraging 'children of the compost': in search of a posthuman theory of characterHennessy, R.
2022Psychedelics, atheism, and naturalism: myth and realityLetheby, C.