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2008混合还是复苏:以色列语的起源——多来源,形式和模式Zuckermann, G.
2020Revivalistics: From the Genesis of Israeli to Language Reclamation in Australia and BeyondZuckermann, G.
2016Language reclamation and mental health: Revivalistics in the service of the wellbeing of Indigenous peopleZuckermann, G.; Walsh, M.; Day, D.; Rewi, P.; Higgins, R.
2014试论澳大利亚原住民的母语权及语言赔偿 = Native tongue title: compensation for the loss of Aboriginal languages in AustraliaZuckermann, G.; Yao, C.
2013Graphemic puns, and software making them up: The case of Hebrew vs Chinese and JapaneseHaCohen-Kerner, Y.; Cohen, D.; Nissan, E.; Zuckermann, G.; Felecan, O.; Bugheşiu, A.
2008"Realistic prescriptivism" : the Academy of the Hebrew language, its campaign of "good grammar" and Lexpionage, and native Israeli speakersZuckermann, G.
2008Yiśreʼelit śafah yafah: az ezo śafah ha-Yiśreʼelim medabrim?Zuckermann, G.
2006A new vision for Israeli Hebrew : theoretical and practical implications of analyzing Israel's main language as a semi-engineered Semito-European hybrid languageZuckermann, G.
2005Dare Forma all'identita attraverso la lingua: 'abbinamento fono-semantico' xenofobo in ebraico antico e moderno, yiddish e araboZuckermann, G.; Alessandro Mengozzi
2013One name, two parents: The marketing potential of phono-semantic matching in ChinaZuckermann, G.; Felecan, O.; International Conference on Onomastics: Name and Naming, Onomastics in Contemporary Public Space (2nd : 2013 : Baia Mare, Romania)