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2022The politics of voter presenceMalkopoulou, A.; Hill, L.
2022Disease and Democracy: Which Way does the Arrow of Causality Point in India?Mayer, P.
2022What COVID-19 revealed about gender equality policy framingJohnson, C.
2022Will India Implement a Uniform Civil Code?Mayer, P.; Chacko, P.
2022‘Tackling inequality’: Australian Labor Party ideology and discourse under Bill ShortenFalcinella, N.
2022AUKUS adds ambiguity to the Australia-New Zealand allianceMiddleby, S.; Powles, A.; Wallis, J.
20222050: A Pacific geostrategic vision for the world’s only Blue ContinentAumua, A.; Middleby, S.
2022More of the same is not the answer to building influence in the PacificTaylor, M.; Middleby, S.
2021Acquiescent market citizens? Age and redistributive policy attitudes in AustraliaCoram, V.
2021Caritas Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern SelfBarclay, K.
2021The Architecture of Policy Transfer Ideas, Institutions and Networks in Transnational PolicymakingLegrand, T.
2021Organisms in experimental researchAnkeny, R.A.; Leonelli, S.; Dietrich, M.; Borello, M.; Harman, O.
2021Burden-sharing: the US, Australia and New Zealand alliances in the Pacific islandsWallis, J.; Powles, A.
2021The influence of classical Stoicism on John Locke’s theory of self-ownershipHill, L.; Nidumolu, P.
2021Preserving sovereignty: crisis and the arc of British proscription pre- and post-9/11Legrand, T.
2021Place-making and the Finsbury/Pennington migrant hostel: capturing 45 years of refugee and migrant heritageAgutter, K.; Ankeny, R.; Lacey, L.; Dellios, A.; Heinrich, E.
2021Food, taste, and memory in Australian migrant hostelsAnkeny, R.A.; Agutter, K.; Falconer, E.
2021Immigration, the "Chinese Question", and Ontological Insecurity in Colonial AustraliaCherry‐Smith, B.
2021Still lacking her rights at work: the treatment of women politicians in the Australian parliament and print news mediaJohnson, C.; Williams, B.
2021In the Eye of the Storm Volunteers and Australia's Response to the HIV/AIDS CrisisReynolds, R.; Robinson, S.; Sendziuk, P.