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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Abstract Cauchy problems: Three approachesMelnikova, I.; Filinkov, A.
1997Abstract hyperovals and Hadamard designsPolster, Burkard Michael
2004Algebras like Clifford AlgebrasEastwood, Michael George
1998An algorithm for efficient geometric secret sharing schemesJackson, W.; Martin, K.
1995Almost everywhere convergence of Fourier-Laplace seriesBrown, Gavin; Wang, K-Y.
1998Analytic continuation of complex gauge fieldsHarris, A. G.
2000Analytic continuation of vector bundles with Lp-curvatureHarris, A. G.; Tonegawa, Y.
2000The Andre/Bruck and Bose representation in PG(2h,q): unitals and Baer subplanesBarwick, S.; Casse, L.; Quinn, C.
2002The André/Bruck and Bose representation of conics in Baer subplanes of PG(2,q2)Quinn, Catherine T.
1995Another integral transform in twistor theoryEastwood, Michael George
2003Approximating L2 invariants and the Atiyah conjectureDodziuk, J.; Linnell, P.; Varghese, M.; Schick, T.; Yates, S.
1998Approximating L2 invariants of amenable covering spaces: A combinatorial approachDodziuk, J.; Varghese, M.
1997Approximating L2 invariants of amenable covering spaces: A heat kernel approachMathai, Varghese; Dodziuk, Jozef
2002Approximating spectral invariants of Harper operators on graphsVarghese, M.; Yates, S.
2003Approximating Spectral invariants of Harper operators on graphs IIVarghese, M.; Schick, T.; Yates, S.
1998Arcs and ovals in infinite K-clan geometryBader, Laura; O'Keefe, Christine M.
1996Arcs fixed by A5 and A6O'Keefe, Christine M.; Storme, L.
1999Asymptotic Studies of the Painlevú EquationsJoshi, N.
2002Automorphism groups of generalized quadrangles via an unusual action of PΓL (2,2h)O'Keefe, C.; Penttila, T.
2002Axial anomaly and topological charge in lattice gauge theory with overlap dirac operatorAdams, David Henry