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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Instructions and the Information MetricGroisser, D.; Murray, M.
1996An integral operator into Dolbeault cohomologyEastwood, Michael George
2001Integrated solutions of stochastic evolution equations with additive noiseFilinkov, A.; Maizurna, I.
1998Integrating n-unisolvent sets of functionsPolster, Burkard Michael
2000Introduction to Chern-Simons gauge theory on general 3-manifoldsAdams, David Henry
1995Invariant theory for a parabolic subgroup of SL(n+1 R)Gover, A. Rod
1999Invariants of elliptic and hyperbolic CR-structures of codimension 2Ezhov, Vladimir V.; Isaev, Alexander; Schmalz, G.
1998Invertible sharply n-transitive setsPolster, Burkard Michael
1999The Involutive Structure on the Blow-Up of Rn in CnEastwood, Michael George; Graham, C. R.
2000Irregular singular behaviour in the first discreet Painlev equationJoshi, N.
1998An isodiametric problem with lattice-point constraintsHernandez Cifre, M. A.; Scott, P. R.
1997The k-Extensions of some New Mahonian StatisticsClarke, Robert John; Steingrimsson, Einar; Zeng, Jiang
2006K-theoryVarghese, M.
1999K-theory of twisted group C*-algebras and positive scalar curvatureVarghese, M.
2006Kato's inequality and asymptotic spectral properties for discrete magnetic LaplaciansDodziuk, J.; Varghese, M.
2006Kato’s inequality for magnetic Laplacians on graphsVarghese, M.; Dodziuk, J.; AMS special session, the ubiquitous heat kernel, October 2-4, Boulder, Colorado (02 Apr 2003 : Boulder, Colorado, USA)
1995Key distribution patterns using Minkowski planesO'Keefe, Christine M.
2004Kirillov theory for a class of discrete nilpotent groupsTandra, H.; Moran, William
1995A Kirillov theory for divisible nilpotent groupsCarey, Alan L.; Moran, William; Pearce, Charles E. M.
2002The Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equationsBouwknegt, Peter G.