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2001Mappings preserving locations of movable poles: II. The third and fifth Painlev equationsGordoa, P. R.; Joshi, N.; Pickering, A.
2003Maximal partial spreads of T2(O) and T3(O)Brown, Matthew Ross; De Beule, J.; Storme, L.
1997Minimal uncertainty states for quantum groupsDelbourgo, R.; Zhang, R. B.
2004Moduli of isolated hypersurface singularitiesEastwood, Michael George
2004Monads and bundles on rational surfacesBuchdahl, N.
2002MonopolesMurray, M.
1995Monopoles and Yang-Baxter equationsAtiyah, M.; Murray, M.
1997Mutually trusted authority-free secret sharing schemesJackson, W.; Martin, K.; O'Keefe, C.
1998n-unisolvent sets and flat incidence structuresPolster, Burkard Michael
2000A Nakai-Moishezon criterion for non-Khler surfacesBuchdahl, N.
1997New Euler-Mahonian Statistics on Permutations and WordsClarke, Robert John; Steingrimsson, E.; Zeng, J.
1996New inequalities for planar convex sets with lattice point constraintsAwyong, Poh-Wah; Scott, P. R.
2001Non-Schlesinger deformations of ordinary differential equations with rational coefficientsKitaev, A. V.
2000Nonexistence results for the Korteweg-de Vries and Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equationsJoshi, N.; Petersen, J. A.; Schubert, L. M.
2001The nonlinear graviton and related constructionsEastwood, Michael George
2000A note on higher cohomology groups of Khler quotientsWu, S.
1998Note on Lattice-Point Free Convex BodiesAwyong, Poh-Wah; Henk, M.; Scott, P. R.
2003A note on monopole moduli spacesMurray, M.; Singer, M.
1995A note on the index bundle over the moduli space of monopolesJones, J.; Murray, M.
2000Notes on Seiberg-Witten-Floer theoryCarey, Alan L.; Wang, Bai-Ling