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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Conjugate functions and semiconformal mappingsEastwood, Michael George; Baird, Paul; International Conference On Differential Geometry And Its Applications (9th : 2004 : Prague, Czech Republic)
2004Conjugates of characteristic Sturmian words generated by morphismsGlen, Amy Louise
2000Connection formulae for asymptotics of the fifth Painlevé transcendent on the real axisAndreev, F. V.; Kitaev, A. V.
1996A construction for multisecret threshold schemesJackson, W.A.; Martin, K.; O'Keefe, C.
2000Correspondences, von Neumann algebras and holomorphic L2 torsionCarey, A.; Farber, M.; Varghese, M.
2001Coupled Painlev systems and quartic potentialsHone, A. N. W.
1998Covers PG(3q) and of finite generalized quadranglesBlokhuis, Aart; O'Keefe, Christine M.; Payne, Stanley E.; Storme, Leo; Wilbrink, Henny
2008D-branes, KK-theory and duality on noncommutative spacesBrodzki, J.; Varghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.; Szabo, R.; International Conference on Non-commutative Geometry and Physics (23 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007 : Orsay, France)
2008D-Branes, RR-Fields and Duality on Noncommutative ManifoldsBrodzki, J.; Varghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.; Szabo, R.
1997Determinant lines, von Neumann algebras and L2 torsionCarey, Alan L.; Farber, Michael; Mathai, Varghese
2000The determination of ovoids of PG(3,q) containing a pointed conicBrown, Matthew Ross
2002Differential equations in spaces of abstract stochastic distributionsFilinkov, A.; Sorensen, J.
2000Dirac operator index and topology of lattice gauge fieldsAdams, David Henry
1997Direct asymptotic analysis of the second Painleve equation; three different limitsDoran-Wu, P.; Joshi, N.
1999The discrete first, second and thirty-fourth Painlevé hierarchiesCresswell, C.; Joshi, N.
1996A discrete model of the interger quantum Hall effectMcCann, P. J.; Carey, Alan L.
1999Discrete Morse theory and extended L² homologyVarghese, M.; Yates, S.
1999The discrete Painlevé I hierarchyCresswell, C.; Joshi, N.
2000Drawing with complex numbersEastwood, Michael George; Penrose, R.
2004The dual Yoshiara construction gives new extended generalized quadranglesBarwick, S.; Brown, M.