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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Extension of Holomorphic Vector Bundles Across a Totally Real SubmanifoldHarris, A. G.
1996Faddeev's anomaly and bundle gerbesCarey, A.; Murray, M.
2002Families index theory for Overlap lattice Dirac operator. IAdams, David Henry
2002Families index theory, gauge fixing, and topology of the space of lattice-gauge fields: a summaryAdams, David Henry
2000A family of 2-dimensional laguerre planes of generalised shear typePolster, Burkard Michael; Steinke, G.F.
1998The Filing Cabinet ProblemMartin, Keith M.; Koumandos, S.
1997Flat Circle Planes as Integrals of Flat Affine PlanesPolster, Burkard Michael
2004Flatness conditions on finite p-groupsTandra, H.; Moran, William
2006Flock generalized quadrangles and tetradic sets of elliptic quadrics of PG(3, q)Barwick, S.; Brown, M.; Penttila, T.
2001Formal thickenings of ambitwistors for curved space-timeEastwood, Michael George
1999Four-dimensional compact projective planes of orbit type (1,1)Betten, Dieter; Polster, Burkard Michael
1999The Funk transform as a Penrose transformBailey, Toby N.; Eastwood, Michael George; Gover, A. Rod; Mason, Lionel J.
2005A general approach to robust web meteringBarwick, S.; Jackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
1998A general decomposition construction for incomplete secret sharing schemesvan Dijk, M.; Jackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
1995A general existence theorem for orthonormal waveletsBaggett, L.; Carey, Alan L.; Moran, William; Ohring, P.
2001Generalising a characterisation of Hermitian curvesBarwick, S.; Quinn, C.
2005Generalized quadrangles and regularityBrown, M.
1995Generalized quadrangles of order (q,q2), q even, containing W(q) as a subquadrangleBrown, Matthew Ross
2003The geometric triangle for 3-dimensional Seiberg-Witten monopolesCarey, Alan L.; Marcolli, M.; Wang, Bai-Ling
2004A geometrical construction of the oval(s) associated with an a-flockBrown, M.; Thas, J.